Soholm Denmark - "Sandvig" by Rigmor Nielsen

My favourite series from Soholm is beyond any doubt "Sandvig". Designed by Rigmor Nielsen in 1960 it has lots of "schwung", a graphical decoration style and a sky blue glaze. All I need to lift my spirits.

I wrote about the "Sandvig" series and Rigmor Nielsen earlier. If you missed it - or just want to read it again - you find the post HERE.

These two just arrived in the shop today. A small decoration bowl and a small vase. The latter is perfect for small - spring - flowers. You can see all "Sandvig" in the shop HERE


  1. Love these! So glad you're back...

  2. Thanks Vicky. I´m glad to be back too :-). And yes this series really is loveable.


  3. Åh, hvor nydelig!! Har aldri sett disse!


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