Scandinavian retro angles for Christmas

This year I´ve decided to keep my Christmas decor simple. Lots of nature materials. Less pixies. I´ve also decided not to buy anything new, but when I saw these two retro angles I couldn´t resist. They are most likely homemade sometime during the 1960´s.

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  1. Disse ligner veldig på noen vi hadde da jeg var barn, jeg tror mine foreldre har dem ennå. Morsomt å se, de er enormt søte:-)

  2. Ja, jeg kunne simpelthen ikke stå for dem :-)

  3. These are so nostalgic, my mom had an angel in this style. Love 'em.

    1. Even though they are from my childhood we didn´t have them, but I´ve heard from several that they remember them.

  4. I haven't seen these before, but as a lover of sackcloth and hessian i have to say I like them very much. I've pared back the christmas decorating too and mainly have christmas mobiles now and a few vintage bits and bobs I pick up in my travels (I have a christmas knick-nack to show off next week). happy week and thanks for linking up x


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