Brigitte Andrzejak studio pottery

The days are getting shorter and it´s time for candlelight. These two candle holders from Brigitte Andrzejak has the most lovely green colour. A colour that Brigitte Andrzejak used for several pieces. And based on what I see around the colour was very popular.

I have been attracted to Brigitte Andrzejak´s work all the way, but it has taken me a while to realise whether I like it or not. Her work is very rustic and kind of masculine with a tiny feminine touch. But it´s a love that have had time to grow and that´s told to be the best. When I found the table bowl below I saw a new side of her and that together with the two candle holders convinced me. I gotta find some more.

Lucky me, I also found one in yellow.
One for the weekend cottage.
One for the flat in town.

Brigitte Andrzejak is a local potter from the Danish island Moen. Not far away from our weekend cottage. Her roots are most likely Polish, but she might be born here. This is an area with many Polish immigrants going a long time back. She is no longer active.To do some research on her is still on the list.......

You might want to see a jug I have by her. In that case go to this blog post. I have some Christmas plans for it........

In case you want to see the items by Brigitte Andrzejak I have in the shop that´s HERE


  1. Nydelige ting, Birgitte, så interessant å se arbeidene. Historien med de polske immigrantene på Møn kjente jeg ikke!

  2. De polske landarbejdere kom til Danmark i slutningen af 1800 tallet for at hjælpe til i marken. Der var en stor koncentration af dem i den sydlige del af Danmark, hvor jeg er vokset op. Så længe før andre snakkede om indvandrere og indvandrergenerationer, så snakkede vi om det. Selv 2. og 3. generation med et perfekt dansk blev omtalt som "polakken".



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