Decorating for Autumn - With Jette Helleroe in the Garden

It´s been such a lovely weekend. Saturday it was autumn. Sunday we were back to late summer temperatures and me wearing three sweaters were a bit over the top..........

But there is no way around it - autumn is here. And so I had a lot of fun decorating for autumn in the garden. A very good thrift Saturday helped me out. A Jette Helleroe flower pot for next to nothing.

It´s in the same pattern as the small lamp I found earlier this year. Yellow with a floral decoration turning from brownish black towards green. You see it on the photo next to the pumpkin. 

I also finally found a way to use the large Jette Helleroe lamp that I found earlier this summer. It´s now turned upside down and makes a good bowl for the table - see photo in the right column.

The wreaths I made of Firethorn and birch. The latter are some wreaths I made one spring. It´s very easy to bend the twigs from birch into a wreath and it makes a good base for decorating. The Firethorn berries have the most lovely red colour. Really like fire. - And the birds love those berries. A good way to attract birds to your garden.

Now I just need to find a way to use the small yellow Jette Helleroe lamp. It´s not as stable as the large one and so it takes a bit more thinking - and creativity.

You can see the lamps in an earlier post HERE


  1. Å, for en nydelig høsthave, Birgitte!! Skjønne vekster og potterier:-) Vår have har ikke riktig vært seg selv i år, vi fikk ødelagt så mye sist vinter. Håper den neste ikke blir riktig så hard...

  2. Tak, Tove. Nej. lad os håbe vinteren bliver mild. Det kan vi havejere nu engang bedst lide :-)



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