Gremolata Inspired Oil - For Vegetables And Pasta

Summer is usually the time when I love my kitchen the most. All the fresh vegetables avaiable inspires me in a sense that winter´s stored root vegetables don´t. This summer has been very busy though and the kitchen has seen more of my husbond than of me. Now I´m back. Starting out with a simple gremolata inspired oil. Good for steamed vegetables and for a simple pasta meal.

The bowl is from Aluminia´s "Confetti" series.
The cutting board is handmade.
The tablecloth from my shop

I hardly ever use a recipe, but here´s something for you to work on. If you start with the parsley you can work with the other ingredients untill it´s right for you.


2 large handfuls of Italian parsley. Chopped fine but with a bit of structure.
1-2 minced garlic cloves - depending on the freshnes of the garlic and your taste for it
1 ½ tbs. lemon zest - use organic lemons
2-3 dl. olive oil

Mix the fine chopped parsley with the minced garlic and the lemon zest. Ad oil until it has a fluid consistency but still a bit of structure.


During the day I´ll be posting a few suggestions on how to use the oil on my Facebook page. You find it HERE


  1. Så lekkert, Birgitte! Gremolata er også en favoritt hos meg, så enkelt og deilig! Skjærebrettet er nydelig, formen ligner på mitt i teak. Lekker duk også:-)


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