Danish Rhubarb Cake With Whipped Cream

One of my all time favourites - when it comes to cake - is Danish rhubarb cake with whipped cream. Basically it´s a compote of rhubarb mixed in layers with crushed bread crumbs and macaroons and topped with whipped cream.

Cup and bowl : "Confetti" from Aluminia (1950´s)

I´ve been cooking for so many years - also professional - that I very seldom use a recipe, but I´ll do my best to guide you. It´s not a difficult cake.

Rhubarb compote
5 - 7 rhubarbs cut in pieces of aprox 2 cm. lenght
1 vanilla pod cut open to let the flavour out

Combine the rhubarbs with the vanilla pod and enough sugar to cover them in a saucepan. The excact amount of sugar is not so important. You can always adjust the sweetness of the compote when cooked. 
Boil at low heat to let the sugar draw out the liquid of the rhubarbs. When the rhubarbs are soft the compote is ready. Put aside to cool.

Breadcrumbs with macaroons
I´m a bit lazy when it comes to breadcrumbs and in Denmark you can buy breadcrumbs with macaroons ready to use. But if you don´t have that in your country start with drying loafs of bread in the oven. You´ll need 4-5 loafs for each person. When dried crush coarse in a food processor. Mix with crushed macaroons. 

Now to the cake. You can either make one big cake in a medium size bowl or make one for each person in small bowls.

Start with a layer of rhubarb compote - aprox 1 cm. Then a layer of your breadcrumbs with macaroons - aprox ½ cm. Then another layer of rhubarb and a layer of breadcrumbs. Top with whipped cream. Ready to eat.

If you have any rhubarb compote left it´s delicious with milk - at least for a Dane ;-)


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