A Mid Century Pot With Kählers Yellow Uranium Glaze

Was I happy when I found this Kähler coffee-/teapot in a thrift shop. Oh, yes.  Mid Century style. So simple and elegant. And the cork lid...... I really can´t resist a cork lid. It ads softness to the piece. The glaze is a yellow uranium glaze which "draws" darker areas when floating. I´ve never seen this model from Kähler before, but the yellow uranium glaze was developed at Kähler´s in the 1930´s. A joint project from Herman H.C. Kähler and the Danish artist Jens Thirslund.

Added to Blackbird has Spoken´s "Op-Shop-Show-Off"

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  1. I haven't heard of Kahler before, and i'm sure i haven't seen a teapot with a cork lid before either. It's like a storage jar turned teapot, but the elegant handle really lifts it. so glad to have you linked up x


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