Top 5 Pottery And Textiles In May

Statistics are fun. You can find out so much about what people are interested in. In order to give them what they like. But sometimes they go in all sorts of directions and you´re left without a clue. Or, is it just me who can´t find the red thread in May´s top 5 Listing Favorites in my shop?

Left column from top: Eva Denmark parsley chopper, Jette Helleroe bowl, Scandinavian tablecloth
Right column from top: Bjorn Wiinblad flower pot (The four temperaments, Choleric), Scandinavian tablecloth


  1. Jeg er enig, det er vanskelig å finne den røde tråden her! Men de er alle fantastisk flotte, ikke det minste merkelig at de er på listen:-)

  2. Godt at vide, at det ikke bare er mig. Jeg var bange for, at jeg havde overset noget andre syntes var indlysende :-)

  3. birgitte, i've been admiring the scandinavian tablecloths you have on your blog and in your shop, and then today i found what i think is one all the way here in new zealand! it looks like it is made of very thin wool but i don't think it actually is wool. alas it is too little for my dining table, but it is lovely and i'm almost tempted to wear it as an over-sized scarf!

  4. How lovely. I guess it´s not happening that often that a Danish tablecloth find it´s way to New Zealand :-)



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