White Picher Vase from Hyllested Keramik

Most of my shopping for the shop I do at local flea markets near our weekend cottage. And so I run into a lot of local pottery. Lately several items from Hyllested Keramik.

Hyllested Keramik was original situated at Zealand. In the town Hyllested. Hence the name. It was founded by Holger Jensen. Today the studio is taken over by his son Leif and is situated at the Danish island Moen. One of my summer projects is to pay the studio a visit and have a talk with Leif Jensen.

The studio is most known for a series of small Eskimo figurines, but I really, really like this pitcher vase.

The stamp of Hyllested Keramik


  1. Den er utrolig søt, så rustikk og "hyggelig" form og jeg elsker mønsteret! Det blir spennende å høre om ditt besøk i potteriet:-)


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