Danish Lamps #7 - Nordisk Solar Compagni Minisol

This series is basically showing old advertisements for Danish lamps. But now being the happy owner of a Minisol pendant from Nordisk Solar Compagni I thought I would show my own Danish lamp this week.

It´s not in a perfect condition. The lamp shows clear signs of use at the top. Maybe it has been hanging in a sunny room. Maybe the light bulb has been to hot. The wire is definitely not the original. That being yellow like the lamp itself. And mine being black. But it doesn´t matter much. I would never sell it in that condition but for myself it´s fine. It´s yellow and that was the colour I was looking for. It also has the excact shape I wanted and having a soft spot for Nordisk Solar Compagni I´m more than happy to own one of their lamps. 

The lamp is designed by K.Kewo in the 1960s and you can se a more original model HERE and in other colours HERE


  1. Hvilket solrikt og vårlig bilde! Lampen er utrolig lekker, hvilket flott funn:-) Elsker farven!

  2. Ja, det gør jeg også - altså elsker farven ;-). Jeg har ledt efter den længe, så jeg var temmelig begejstret, da jeg endelig fandt den - til en rimelig penge.



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