Souvenir Plates - Stavangerflint - Thorbjorn Feyling

I´ve already admitted it before. I have a weak spot for old souvenirs. Lately I have moved from glass ashtrays to souvenir plates from Stavangerflint.

Looking at the details on this plate by Thorbjorn Feyling is a travel in itself. And the colours........

Thorbjorn Feyling (1907 - 1985) worked for Stavangerflint from 1946 - 1977. He was recruited for the position as Design Manager from the very beginning in 1946 and when Stavangerflint was ready to launch their first production in 1949 the design program was his work. In 1955 he was replaced by Eystein Sandnes as head of design but Feyling continued working with design for Stavangerflint until he retired in 1977.

Source HERE. A excellent site with lots of information on Stavangerflint. Quite a bit of it in English as well.

Thorbjorn Feyling´s signature

And yes, I´m also a big fan of Inger Waage´s souvenir plates. More about that tomorrow.

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