Glaze Like Icing

In Danish glaze and icing is the same word. We call both "glasur". No mather if it goes on a piece of pottery or on top of the cake. At this little bowl I found the other day it really makes sense.

The glaze is thick with "holes" and have the look of white icing. Could it be ash glaze?
The form is very fine and classic as well.
My only problem with this piece is that I don´t know who made it. I assume it´s Danish but could of course be mistaken. The signature is very hard to make sense of and I looked through all available books in my home libary. No luck.

I might have turned it upside down but this was the way it made most sense.

Have you seen this signature before?


  1. Interesting...just like icing :).It's not an ash glaze, probably a simple zinc based glazed popular in the 1970s. A very confident signature, lovely form too.

    1. Thanks Ray! Yes the signature is very confident but not very informative ;-)

  2. It is Peter Fitzner from Svaneke, Bornholm in Denmark.


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