Friday Still Life - Displaying Pottery in Brown

This week it´s time to take a look at some brown pottery. Brown is not just brown and with a dash of blue or green it can make a real nice pottery display. I find that displaying pottery in large groups really adds something to the pottery.

At the far left it´s a table bowl from Jette Helleroe. At the back a Soholm vase from Joseph Simon´s hand beside one of Michael Andersen & Son´s folklore pieces. Probably made for souvenir but they really took souvenir to another level.

The vase with raw body and a border in golden brown is from Hegnetslund Pottery and at the far right is a vase from H.P. Knudsens Lervarefabrik.

The round blue and sand coloured candle holder is from Knabstrup. Beside another folklore vase from Michael Andersen & Son.

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