My Cup Dilemma

Maybe you are the kind of person who has one set of cups for everyday purpose and one for your guests. I used to be. But that was before. Now I seem to be in a constant cup dilemma - If you are too you´ll know that it´s a dilemma of the more pleasant kind.

"Relief" together with plates from Figgjo Flint at the back 
and "Nothingham" from Barratts of Staffordshire in the front

At home I have several different kinds of cups. New and old in one big rather confusing mix. I simply can´t make up my mind : "Who´s the fairest of them all". But I guess number one is "Meri" by Ulla Procopé for Arabia which I wrote about earlier - CLICK -. At least for the moment.

At our weekend cottage I´ve changed the cups so many times, that I´ve given up counting. But I think we´ll stick to the coffee cups from "Relief" for a long while. The pattern and the colour reminds me of the corn fields surrounding us in summer. And as the designer of the series, Jens H. Quistgaard, spent his last days not so far away from our cottage, there is something local about it that I really like.

"Relief" together with "Nottingham" from Barrats of Staffordshire

Some might find it a bit disrespectful that I use them together with plates of a total different pattern. And that I use the saucers for my flowerpots instead of for the cups. But that´s what lifts my spirit. 

Jens H. Quistgaard designed "Relief" in 1959-60 for Kronjyden who by then had been taken over by the Nissen family. The series was in production for many, many years and was very popular. Sometimes the stamp is missing. The general theory is that it´s from the early Kronjyden days. There might have been a sticker which by now have been lost. At other times you might see the logo of Kronjyden or as above a mix of Kronjyden and Nissen. Unfortunately I don´t know when the Nissen family started using their own name and logo instead of Kronjyden. 

Top from left: Kronjyden sticker + Kronjyden logo
Bottom from left: Bing and Grondahl + Kronjyden logo

In 1972 Bing and Grondahl took over the factory and pieces are marked with their stamp.

You might have noticed that my cups are not from the same production. Some of them are Kronjyden/Nissen and others are from the early Kronjyden days. There is a slightly difference in the glaze. The early production being a bit darker. A fact that is important to keep in mind if you like your set to be equal.


  1. My favourites too I think - Like you I dont think I have ever seen 2 pieces with exactly the same stamp. The blue plates are lovely, I haven't seen either before.

    I have found a new "holy grail" of tea/coffee ware - I recently found out that the Azur pattern by JHQ was also made in a deep chocolate brown! that would be amazing to have. I have only seen on picture of it on a Japanese website. So luxuruious looking. :)

  2. Azur is very difficult to find and the brown variation I have only seen on photos like you. But it has something about it I agree. Relief seems to have been the most popular of them all. Based on what is to find at fleamarkets and the like.


  3. På er der 4 brune azur desserttallerkener til 20 kr stk ;-) bare lige hvis nu det er noget du har lyst at se på ...

    1. Tak, Ellen Kathrine. Dem har jeg da helt sikkert lyst til at se på :-)


  4. Hei Birgitte! Jeg er så glad for at du skrev en kommentar på min blogg slik at jeg fant din:-) Den er utrolig fin, jeg vil gjerne følge deg! Jeg ser at vi har mye til felles, jeg har også kunstfaglig bakgrunn før det etterhvert ble arkitektur:-)
    Relief er en stor, stor favoritt! Både mønsteret, fargen og formen på gjenstandene er så flott. Kopper er bare det aller beste, eller hva? Jeg kan heller ikke holde meg til et sett, det er altfor mange fristelser:-)

  5. Tak, Tove! Jeg har læst din blog et stykke tid uden at give mig til kende. Mange gode fund :-). Og, så tænkte jeg nok, at jeg ikke er den eneste, som har svært ved at vælge én kop :-)



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