Geometry in Danish Pottery - Nils Kähler

It was not until the end of the 1940s that the Kähler brothers (Herman J. and Nils) succeeded in making stoneware. Before that the story goes that several ovens exploded and left the brothers black and dusty. I´m not going to repeat what Herman apparently said about that!

When everything was under control a dream of  Nils´came through. He had long wanted to work with stoneware. And so he did. By the early 1960s he succeeded in creating more modern looking stoneware and through the 60s and 70s he continued detaching himself from a long Danish tradition of Japanese inspired pottery. Experimenting with geometrical shapes which is very clear in the candle holders from Kähler at the photo above. They are from about 1970. They are not signed by Nils Kähler but most likely designed by him or under his influence.

The mushroom shaped candle holder is from the same period. There is something geometrical about that shape too. A shape that came in many variations and with different coloured glaze. So far I´ve seen it in blue and a deep dark red apart from the above grey green.

Very soon after Nils left Kähler and in 1974 the factory was sold to the council. But that´s a totally different story.

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