Bo Fajans Sweden

Last weekend I found the most wonderful yellow pitcher. It turned out to be from Swedish Bo Fajans. A totally new acquaintance to me.

A family owned faience factory situated in Gävle, north of Stockholm. It was established in 1874 by Erik Boberg and closed down in 1967. Most of their production was in yellow faience. Like the pitcher above. 


  1. Hallo Birgitte,
    I think Bo Farjans was a great swedish designer of daily pottery and his colours are naturally, strong and clear. I love him very much and if you find another things from him, I would like to see your pictures.

    1. I am just researching info on Bo Fajans, as I just bought 10 black side plates with the Bo Fajans marking beneath. THey are stunning, and I came upon them in a charity shop here in Sweden. THey are irregularly round, and side plate size. Six are obviously unused and mint condition, and four have some signs of use; light surface scratches seen in reflective light- though excellent condition. I can send you a pic if you are interested. I am trying to find out the era which they came. I am excited to use them for displaying starters or desserts at a dinner party. My email is

  2. Hi Andrea

    Unfortunately it´s the only piece I´ve found so far, but I´m constantly looking. They are great pieces!


  3. I have a lovely vase from my great grandmother which is bo fajans I've always admired it since I was a child its beautiful chocolate brown and white I have a picture of it not sure how to share it here


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