A trip to Norway - Figgjo Flint and Turi Gramstad Oliver

I must admit that I have never been to Norway. Even though the ferry to Oslo leaves only a few kilometers away from my home. I would love to go to Bergen one day. Even though it almost always rains. The colourful houses of the town is a "must see".

Figgjo Flint and Turi Gramstad Oliver doesn´t need much introduction. They are really enjoying a come back right now. I have been lucky to find a few items at charity shops and flea markets in Denmark. Even at reasonable prices.

Top: Daisy
Bottom from left: Tor Viking, Lotte, Tor Viking

When I bought the "Lotte" plate in the middle the lady in the shop took it for a Bjorn Wiinblad and they do to a certain extent share the same expression. But when I have a look at the TV dinner plate from the series Daisy at the top I see no similarities at all. I would say that Turi Gramstad Oliver had a wider plate of expression than Bjorn Wiinblad. But then again I only know the more famous pieces of Bjorn Wiinblad and might change my opinion.

Top from left: Saga, Mons & Mille, Saga -designed by Turi Gramstad Oliver
Bottom: Kon-Tiki - designed by Inger Waage

If you want to know more about Turi Gramstad Oliver - and Figgjo Flint - click HERE
And if you are able to understand Norwegian you can watch a nice little interview with her HERE


  1. I love all of Turi's work...I havent seen Kon-TIki before ...very nice. Had a look at the website too...good article, although I notice 5 of MY photos of Market posted including the feature one of the 2 cups, one of the hazards of blogging I guess :)

  2. Ahhh, yeah the Internet is a open space. If only people remember to credit me for my photos I don´t mind them using them for non-commercial purpose but I guess it´s not the case here....


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