A trip to Finland - Arabia and Ulla Procopé

The Danes, Norwegians and Swedes understand each others languages if they are not talking to much of a dialect. The three languages are despite their differences very similar. But when it comes to Finnish it´s just a matter of enjoying the wonderful sounds this language makes. There is no understanding at all. I have a weak spot for Finnish and I really have to go and listen to it live one day. Walk around in the streets of Helsinki enjoying the language and the great architecture of the town.

Talking about Finland it´s obvious to talk about Arabia. Not something I run into every day but I was lucky to find a set of cups and saucers from the series Meri by Ulla Procopé.

I love the "dusty" jeans blue glaze and the way the borders of the cup and saucer work together. Really good design. An a good example on how well brown and blue work together.

Ulla Procopé (1921-1968) worked for Arabia from 1948 -1968 and many of her designs are still loved today. She was the designer behind the series Ruska which was discontinued by Arabia in 1999.

Hyvää sunnuntai
(Have a nice sunday in Finnish)


  1. I really liked your post and the cup, never seen any with that colour. I will definitely continue to read your blog.



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