Soholm Signature - Svend Aage Jensen

Svend Aage Jensen (1918 - ?) worked at Soholm from 1944 - 1980. He died at few years ago, but the year still has to be confirmed.

Aged 14 he started out as pottery apprentice, and over the years he developed his skills at the potters wheel and in glazing. The last is especially to be seen in a series of different home decor items in sgrafitto stechnique and a glaze shining like mother of pearl. All part of the Manilla series. My favourite one! Presumably designed in the 1960´s Svend Aage Jensen used the faience technique creating the Manilla series.


He developed the glaze for several of Soholms products. For example Einar Johansens very popular series EJ 64 as well as many of the series by Noomi Backhausen and Poul Brandborg.

Designing was his field as well. Either alone or together with other Soholm designers. One very popular series was Burgundia from 1955 which he designed together with Holm Sørensen. Many of the - then very popular - Soholm pottery pendants from the 70s are designed by Svend Aage Jensen.


Svend Aage Jensen Signature (SJ)

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  1. Hi Birgitte ...What a beautiful teapot. I have had vases and large bottles in this design, but the teapot is just wonderful!. Apparently it is from 1964-5 but thats all I have ever been able to find out. Such a simple and so effective a design. Wonderful photographs too :) Ray.

  2. Thanks Ray....I´m also totally in love with the teapot :-). Knowing it´s from 1964-65 could turn out to be very useful in my future research. I´m quite determinded so find out more...../Birgitte


I´m so glad you left a comment!