Soholm Signature - Rigmor Nielsen

Rigmor Nielsen worked at Søholm 1940-1989. She was one of the few decoration painters who also designed decorations.

Being very talented she designed several unika works. Among them some marvellous standard lamp bases which are hard to come by.

It´s a whole lot easier to find items from her Sandvig series (Sandvig 1 and Sandvig 2). They have the most lovely blue engobe with white hatchings and white glaze pearls. The two series were in production from 1960.

I haven´t been able to find out when the production stopped. As well as I haven´t found any information on when Rigmor Nielsen lived. Two questions I hope to answer one day but which doesn´t change the fact that she was a quite interesting decoration painter.....

Rigmor Nielsen Signature (RN)


  1. Ahh....Now I can identify a piece I have had for ages 2074 in the black and white photo...I never noticed the RN signature on it until now....and the series has a name...even better... Fantastic, Ray.

  2. I LOVE her stuff! I have a bunch of them... Including some botanical-themed flower pots not shown in the top collection.

    1. Yes. she really did some lovely things!


    2. Still collecting Sandvig 1 pieces - I love them! Recently acquired a 3309 vase like the one in the picture above. <3

  3. Birgitte, I have the large bowl (220) from the Sandvig 2 series, but it is marked VL, not RN. Do you know if any other decorative painters worked on this series?

  4. I can tell you, that RN is still alive. She is a close relative of mine and turning 92 in a few days


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