MAS Signature - Marianne Starck

Marianne Starck (1931-) came from Germany to Bornholm in 1955. Her years of apprenticeship she spends at Hans Joachim Thoms pottery studio in Holstein, Germany. Later she study graphic art in Hamburg, Germany at Landeskunstschule. A line of business she has continued beside the pottery.

She works as designer and potter for Michael Anderson & Sons commerciel line untill 1993 but also do her own studio pottery. She developes several stoneware glaze types.

Her signature is MS.


  1. Hi you know if MS is still working in Graphic to see some of her graphic work. Ray.

  2. Hi Ray.....It was what she did after leaving MAS but being born in 1931 I´m not sure if she still does. I have only seen one of her graphic works - in a book. I hope to find the time to go on a study tour to Bornholm in the spring and might come back with more on the subject. /Birgitte


I´m so glad you left a comment!