Marianne Starck and Ancient Greece

My favorite series by Marianne Starck is her so called animal series or maybe better than that; Greek series.

I´m not sure if it has a official name. In that case I´m not the only one who doesn´t know it. It´s a series of art pottery like bowls, vases and candle holders. So far I´ve seen it with rabbits, horses, birds, scorpions, deers and ancient dressed humans. The last is why I find it a bit hard to call it the animal series..... It´s a real collectors series. As soon as you think you got it all, you´ll find something new.

Marianne Starcks educational background as both potter and graphic artist really pays of in this series. The texture is like the one of a linocut, the shapes are classic and simple and the glaze supports the cut motifs in a very fine manner.

The main reason why I prefer to call it the Greek series is the obvious inspiration from ancient Greek pottery.  By the seventh century BCE Greek vase painters turned their back on the former Geometeric style to built more open compositions built around motifs of real and imaginary animals, abstract plant forms and human figures.

Am I the only one to hear a bell ring?

The Greeks got their inspiration from the Near East, Asia Minor, and Egypt and developed it in to their own style. Like Marianne Starck so many years after did with their work. A real bonus experience of my visit to The Nationalmuseum the other day. Because actually I was looking for something totally different. More on that tomorrow......

All photos of Ancient Mediterranean pottery are taken at The Danish Nationalmuseum except for the last one which is taken at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek


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