Starting a collection

Did you display your toy in sections as a child? Wanted all what Lego ever made? Then you are probably a collector today.

I can´t remember if I did so, but I do remember that I for a very long time denied being a collector. Which made my family laugh very loud and very long. Because they had seen this:

You can´t really hide anything from your family........

It all started with the yellow jug saying Horbelev. The days when Horbelev was a tourist spot has long gone and it somehow made me curious. Then I started collecting souvenirs from past tourist spots.......It included the glass ashtrays on the left. But some of them were advertising for long gone shops and that made me curious too. And so a collection in the collection started and a collector was born.

I don´t collect these things because they one day will make me rich. They will not! I collect them because they speak to me.  About days past when the world looked different. When going on holiday was something you maybee did once a year. If you were lucky. And never far away.

My new collection is a different matter:

I have to pay a lot more to expand my Cari Zalloni collection but it was love at first sight. It´s something about the shape and colours that speaks to me. His aestetichs appeals to me. Just take a look at the way the handle at the two large ones makes a bow and fits perfectly into the rest of the candle holder. The same goes for the small one at the left. They are all harmonious. But again I don´t collect them because they are expensive and maybee - maybee not, will stay so. I collect them because I really, really like them. The best reason in the world to start a collection.

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