Spice it up - Two Spice Jar Series from Knabstrup Pottery

It was not only during the 60s and the 70s that spice jars from the supermarket was oh so boring to look at. Even today they are really best kept behind closed doors. But during the 60s there was a real boom in the spice jar production which continued well up in the 70s and 80s. And my mum went from salt and pepper only to a more spicy food and bought her first spice jars: "Pernille" from Knabstrup Pottery.

Johannes Hansen was artistic leader of the factory and designed the jar but it was the young Dietlinde Hein (1940 - 1977) who created the decoration. She came to Knabstrup from Germany in 1960 and in 1962 the first "Pernille" jars came out. The series was in production until 1982 but changed to a more simple decoration when Dietlinde Hein left the factory in 1965. The real thing is therefore the ones with her signature in the lower right corner of the decoration.

If my mum had been younger she might have bought "Carousel" instead. The jars were a reuse of another series designed by Johannes Hansen ("Ordsprog" 1973-1981) who again left the decoration to a woman, Signe Boesen Northroup (born 1932). Eight years had past since "Pernille" and a more minimalistic and very graphical style was  in fashion. But the wood lid was intact.

"Carousel" was only in production from 1975-76.

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